Break up

Crush all the way to the core of my heart,
You’ve been so good before, now a lot has changed,
You and I, once part of each other, now fallin’ apart,
Crumbled to eensy-weensy pieces like grain.

We are like;
rainbows fading colors in the air,
masks in a masquerade people used to wear,
ice creams that melt away,
a road that has two paths that breaks way,
white room full of shadows of strangers,
birds flyin’ across the sky with fallin’ feathers.

Painful to see that these hearts go on separate ways,
What else to hold on when night took over the days,
Is there a way we can fix things right?
Lets fight together against this destiny’s blight!


4 thoughts on “Break up

        1. yeah’ I agree, in relationship this is normal, and if couples know how to work it out they’ll be together no matter what happened, no matter how extreme the problem or fights may be, and when they r able to survive such trial, their relationship will be much stronger. 😊

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