We Should Open The Schools First!

Read before you conclude. Opening the schools and colleges should be our first priority. France recorded 70 new coronavirus cases in schools, a week after it let more than 1 million kids go back to class. Now, isnโ€™t that amazing? Someone should have warned them against opening the schools so soon. Following the same footsteps, … Continue reading We Should Open The Schools First!


I was lying in the operating room,Quite nervous of the operation,Saving you was my priority,Then your cry came out, my felicity.Pitiful that body was quite tiny, Fragile you were yet lovely, You in my arms was paradise, loving you so much oh dear mine.. I was awake for a week watching you peacefully asleep.Now day … Continue reading Son

Inscribed feelings

Every words I inscribed, are the feelings engraved in my heart.My beatitude, mourning,ย  pains, and hope when things fall apart.Maybe a scene from today or of my past. Sometimes, these words are the figment of my imagination,And someone's unseen situation.~Quetzal

Break up

Crush all the way to the core of my heart,You've been so good before, now a lot has changed,You and I, once part of each other, now fallin' apart,Crumbled to eensy-weensy pieces like grain.We are like;rainbows fading colors in the air,masks in a masquerade people used to wear, ice creams that melt away,a road that … Continue reading Break up


Sing your heart out. Behind every song you sing, There's a memory worth remembering. Lyrics of the song speak the content of the heart, Wallows in that memory of love. A song may bring a smile on your face Or chafed tears on your visage. A song may mean lots of thing, Or it is … Continue reading Song

Belated Happy Mother’s Day!

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than any natural laws.Barbara Kingsolver To all mothers I know, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY. May God continue to bless you & your family. Seeing and knowing your struggles, hardships, & success makes us feel proud & happy, knowing it is for your family's betterment. You are irreplaceable in the … Continue reading Belated Happy Mother’s Day!

Theater Workshop

These photos were taken back when we had our theater workshop in May 2017. Here's the story behind these photos. Just this morning, I logged in to my Facebook account and I had a notification about a memory from 2017, and it has been three (3) years since this fun happened. Time really flies so … Continue reading Theater Workshop

Be an Inspiration

The world I live is not good as yours, yet I have managed to go through. So don't you dare giving up in this life. There are still many wonderful things you can do to your life and with the lives of others. If you can't find an inspiration, be an inspiration to others for … Continue reading Be an Inspiration


Happy Mother's Day! You are my roof when it rains,My home when I'm in pain, My leaning wall when everything collapse, When life gets muddled, perhapsYour helping hands make me standAgainst this deplorable worldYou are there whenever I started to lose hope.Therefore, thank you for the love.. For the care, and for being my mom. … Continue reading Mom

Me before You

Crocus Sativus If one day, no more words to hear,No more annoying shit around,Pain that maybe hard to bear, Know that I'm 6 feet below the ground,Don't get so sadI'm just strolling on this land,Just give a visit to my headstoneI'll be happy too, if you bring me a blossom.Quetzal

Cool Facts

The infinity sign is called a lemniscate.A person's ashes can be turned into a diamond. In its ancient form, the carrot was purple, not orange. Mountain dew is an old slang term for Moonshine. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. The average woman spends 1 year of her lifetime trying to … Continue reading Cool Facts

Undying Admiration

Every breath you breatheIs a work of artEverytime you sigh just breaks my heartThere's no one in this whole worldInspires me the way that you doUndying admiration The passion on your faceThe depth of your soulWould inspire any muse to lose controlThere's no one in this whole worldThat teaches me the way that you do … Continue reading Undying Admiration

First Love Left

I still remember when you left me here all alone I didn't even able to ask if, what I have done wrong As I heard that you went back home But even you were far away from me I was hoping that you were in good hand, silly me.. Whenever I was watching the full … Continue reading First Love Left

Humans’ words

I may have sinned and a lot to count, but it is not for you humans to judge. My life was not created for you to condemn or mold it the way you want. We are the same inhabitants of the earth, most of the time we forget and we act like we know everything. … Continue reading Humans’ words


You're the knight that holds the lightOnly with you I soar such heightGuiding my heart from iniquity When this heart is with you, it finds its placidityMy susceptible heart inditesYou're the one my dream invitesYou're the cure to my painAnd the only thing I want to obtain. Quetzal

Burned Treasures

Feeling horrible, knowing my mom burned all my compositions back home. She knew nothing how important those writings were. I have wrote a thousand love and painInspiration lives and dies like rainWhen you know nothing of their worthBurned to ashes you did; my treasures in fold. Quetzal


Lucky are the sailors, They see the beauty across the oceans and shores. See how the sun walks on the blue sky, Even the way the stars dance way up high. They touch the water's life, Taking by silver waves as they paddle the time They believe and have great faith, Facing unseen danger brought … Continue reading Sailors


There are certain songs that make us remember significant people, or maybe a rainbow past, bring mixed emotions.Make us cry, regret and cause us pain for such foolish decision. Nothing much left but the memories that linger in the head, that only cause sadness and pain that is hard to mend. Quetzal


The moon is staring back at me, Fate has spoken its glee, The stars are on sparkling delight Of heaven and earthly life. Life full of magnanimous - splendid things, Yet, oblivion takes over almost on every thing. Love, faith, compassion and history, That soon end the every life unheartily. Unheartily, maybe, but not all … Continue reading He